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7reasons to use i-RestO

A Menu more Attractive for your Customers
With the detail and the pictures for each dish and drink, to increase awareness of your know-how and your products.
Save Time with a better communication
Make more easy your relation with your customers, locals and foreigners, more attractivity, less hesitation, Save Time for less mistakes with the orders.
Let your customers orders directly or not
With or without the waiter, the orders are sent directly to the chief, to the cashier or to anyone who haves the permissions to manage the orders.
The manager follows in real time from anywhere
With i-RestO system, it is no longer necessary to be present to follow orders online, with a secure access, follow the order status.
View in real time product availability
No more surprise, less disappointment for your customers when taking their order. Each order updates the availability of your products
With the functions of a website, gallery, booking...
i-RestO is more than an interactive menu that displays details of your dishes and drinks; It is also a powerful website, including a gallery multimedia, a booking form, map access...
Help and Support, Security Updates...
A question ? a problem ? Each package includes support and ongoing support. All systems are regularly updated for optimum safety.